Owl Class

Welcome to Owl Class
We would like to welcome you to our class where the Year 4, 5 and 6 children learn. Look at our page to see what we have been up to and also keep up to date with the latest news.
The Circulatory System
Did you know how hard the heart works to keep us going? 
We become blood cells and went on an exciting journey around the body. The heart is an amazing muscle that works with lungs to make sure that oxygen is delivered to the entire body, from head to toe!
Maths on the playground
We got out in to the fresh air to practise our times tables using concrete resources today. We had lots of fun applying our knowledge to solve different problems.
Forest school
We had such a great day at forest school today. We lit fires and toasted bread that we made ourselves. We also used hammers and sheets to create leaf and flower prints.
Exciting electronics!
In science we have been getting familiar with the electrical components and creating our own circuits. We also had a visit from Western Power who shared some key tips to help us stay safe around electricity.
Design Technology
Did you know that different cams create different movement? For our project we are going to need to choose the most appropriate cam to get the desired movement.
We have really enjoyed getting to grips with our handball skills. We had a great tournament to end the unit - well done to team Hungary!
The focus for this week was mental wellbeing and we used the acronym MAGIC. Across the week we have been Mindful, Active, Generous, Interested and Connected. Juggling, handball, tower making, bingo.. these are just a few of the activities we have done as we adjust to life back at school!
News: PE
PE will be on Mondays with Mrs Gillon and Thursdays with Mr Luxa. Please make sure children come to school in their PE kit on these days.
Christmas science
We investigated what happened to a candy cane when it was submerged in different liquids. We predicted that the hot water would dissolve the candy cane which it did but were surprised that the vinegar broke it down in to pieces and made it soft.
Raging Rivers
This morning we got in to our boats and travelled down the river, from source to mouth. We had to paddle our way through the rapids, stay afloat down the waterfall and then we could calmly meander down the river towards the sea.
Owl Class looked at how Diwali is celebrated and made their own Rangoli patterns and lamps.
Hindu shrines
In RE with Mrs Williams, Owl Class have been learning about Hindu Gods and creating shrines which contain a picture (murti) of their God.
Sentence structure
After creating our own archipelago, we looked at how we could convey as much information as possible to the reader. We have been practising building multi-clause sentences and 'sticking' different parts of the sentence together with conjunctions and punctuation.
Who is to blame for the Titanic sinking?
After learning about the different people involved in the tragedy, each child in Owls made up their mind as to who was responsible. They tried to persuade Mrs Waterman  by repeating key points of their argument as she walked down the 'conscience line'.